Why Choose www.bankruptcy.co.uk ?

The reason you may want to consider using our services are:

The owner and founder of this 21 year old organisation is actually passionate about helping and assisting people to make the right decisions and choices with their lives at a time when they may be pressured to have to do something. So empowering the individual to understand where they are at, what actual choices there are, the implications of making the right decision at this critical time are the all important factors of making the right choices.

We specialise in complex solutions to what appear to be difficult or impossible situations. Our services, experience and information proves critical to our clients at a point where they are seeking to find the right set of words that understands their position and provides a well thought out strategy that enables them to once again start to see a future for themselves.

Personal and Business insolvency Specialists who understand the importance of straight talking and decisiveness. Fast and effective solutions.

” There a ton of companies, firms out there desperate to put people into an IVA for as little as £5,000.00 of debt. Some of these high profile debt solutions companies with the capital available to spend considerable monies on advertising are headed up by ex junkies “Hanover Insolvency ” that have come good somewhere along the line but still think its OK to handicap people with financial difficulties that could be managed in a much simpler way using very effective solutions that ill not harm the individual in the same way as an IVA will. Especially when an IVA is applied to such a small amount of debt.

So if you are in a position which has been long standing or has suddenly crept up on you and you are looking to solve the conundrum then call us…Our lines are open until 10pm every day for your convenience so there are no reasons why people cannot speak to someone virtually instantly who can make a difference.

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