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What our clients say about us

I engaged your services for bankruptcy help a week ago now. I’ve been thoroughly and pleasantly surprised at the level of service given to me by all the team and the amount of personal time given. It’s refreshing and been really helpful. Aside form the professional service I also feel like I have been provided counselling at the kind of level you might pay fortunes for elsewhere.


Thanks. I really mean that.

Mr Young

Thank you for your testimonial, we appreciate what our clients say about us.

We do our best to understand your position fully in order that we can discuss a strategy with you.

It was obvious that this client was experiencing an extreme level of distress with their fiercely accelerating level of debt. After losing 7 figure sums during the crash of 2008 and a separation from the family who had experienced a mental breakdown.

In addition to the financial distress the emotional distress from the loss of his family had been overwhelming and it was clear that the reason for this particular clients loss of drive and depths of depression was the result of an accumulation of events that had transpired that unless they were able to get a strong foot hold and push away from the people that had not actually really helped him but had been successful in taking considerable levels of fees from him then his chances of survival and recovery were significantly reduced.

As experienced insolvency professionals always seeking the best outcomes for our clients, Providers of bankruptcy help to every type of person no matter how complex and sensitive they believe their circumstances to be.

We ask the right questions and get to the heart of the problem, whilst providing information that allows the client to make their own minds up as to what decisions they need to make that are best for them.

In this particular instance we are delivering a technical strategic bankruptcy that forces hostile creditors to cooperate where previously they have been reluctant to do so.

Negotiating from a position of weakness is a hard thing for most people to do. Constant phone calls, letters for demands for payment, email reminders, bailiffs and process servers delivering statutory demands are all things that will make a person feel negative and helpless as they lose direction or are unable to have the conversation with the organisation or specialist who is actually equipped to help.

The objective here is to take control and provide solutions that can be implemented quickly.

We are geared to move quickly, and can assist in all aspects of insolvency and recovery.



Date: 29th February 2016 | Comments: no responses | admin
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