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I went personally bankrupting 2006 and petitioned for my own bankruptcy. I was living in rented accommodation at the time and attended an interview at the Insolvency Service office with the official receiver. After my lease ran out on my property I wrote to the official receiver informing them of my new address. I didn’t hear anything from them and in March 2007 it appears that an order was made for my bankruptcy to be indefinitely suspended. In 2012 I thought I had been discharged as I was told by the insolvency service helpline that bankruptcy is automatically discharged after 12 months but if I wanted a certificate then I had to apply to the county court where the bankruptcy was granted and i would have to pay a fee. In 2012 I started a limited company and i have just been contacted by the Official Receiver saying that I am still bankrupt and they have sent me a whole load of forms relating to where I am financially in my life now and that statutory interest will be added at 8% since 2006 on the creditor amount in 2006 which was 380k.

What can I do?

This is quite common and sometime the officers working at the Insolvency service miss crucial communications such as changes of address. There are a number of options that you can try but first and foremost you will need to see the order that was made in 2007 and see if you can provide them with what they wanted then. Remember they will be motivated to squeeze money out of you if they can. If you have the budget then it is definitely worthwhile seeking a lawyer to fight your corner for you.

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