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    Personal Bankruptcy

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    Unsure Which Route to take?

    We are Personal Bankruptcy specialists, and can help you with anything from individual voluntary
    arrangements (IVA’s), to debt management, helping you to find a fresh start.

    If you’re unsure which route is for you, then please do not worry, our team of specialists can talk
    you through the entire process, and help you to make the best decision for your own individual

    And if you would simply like to understand what is an IVA? What is the bankruptcy register? Or
    how do you make a bankruptcy application? Then read on, as we have the answers to all of your
    personal bankruptcy questions.


    Bankruptcy is a choice, or can be a strategic move to manage overwhelming debts. It is seen as the
    fastest way out of debt and to get back to zero.

    Bankruptcy enables you to write off all (or most of) your debts. It can also ensure that creditors cannot take further action against you, giving you a fresh start, and another chance to get things right.

    Please note that choosing to become bankrupt is a big decision and it is important that it is the
    right move for you. We take you through the available options. There are alternative options to
    bankruptcy in most instances. But the big question should always be…What have you got to lose?
    Will are totally impartial and independent and will give you the information you need to make the
    right decision for you.

    Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA)

    In England and Wales, an individual voluntary arrangement is a formal alternative for individuals wishing to avoid bankruptcy.

    A voluntary arrangement is a tailored contract between you and your creditors. Allowing you to avoid personal bankruptcy. This is usually drafted and overseen by an Chartered accountant or an
    Insolvency Practitioner and performed on the basis where there is a clear advantage as to why the
    voluntary arrangement is better for creditors. It creates flexibility, and provides a greater return to
    creditors. It can be looked upon as an interest free loan payable over 60 months or whatever the
    term is that is agreed.

    Debt Management

    Tailored debt repayment reduction & Business Financial Restructuring are agreements between a debtor and a creditor that addresses the
    terms of an outstanding debt and offers a “as good as it gets” proposal
    in order to avoid a declaration of insolvency which would be destructive to both parties of the agreement. 

    What if i do nothing?

    The choice to do nothing means that you are either delaying the inevitable of the debt collection
    process. If you are aware of a positive life change coming up then it maybe  just ‘time’ you need.
    You may be selling a house, or expecting a windfall.
    If you are then you must try and ensure that you are not forced into bankruptcy before your monies come
    in. It can be a very expensive process if you fall into bankruptcy before the money arrives. 
     We can look at all your options and communicate with all parties involved,  it is critically important we inform your creditors of your situation. to try and provide some time to enable your monies to come in .   You
    will find most of them to be helpful and understanding

    Personal Bankruptcy

    From individual voluntary arrangements, to debt management, to bankruptcy, we are here to help you find a fresh start, with no personal unsecured debts. 

    Understanding Bankruptcy

    Perhaps you just need some impartial bankruptcy help and advice? If you’re considering going bankrupt, take a look at our understanding bankruptcy page for all you need to know.

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