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As from 6th April 2016 the Online Bankruptcy Procedures changed. The courts are no longer processing bankruptcy applications and the new-style 8-part application is now submitted to the Insolvency Service online.

In what appears to be a concerted bid to streamline the process, people are no longer required to attend court and simply tick a box declaring that what has been submitted is accurate. The reduced court fee of £680 applies to everybody as fee remissions are done away with. It used to be the case that those on limited income or benefits could apply to have the court fee wavered, but this no longer applies.

Once submitted, the case is assessed by an Adjudicator who decides whether to proceed or not. Should it proceed, the bankrupt will be advised and the case is passed on to the local Official Receiver’s office, who processes the case as previously.

To some people, especially younger folks who have been weaned in an online society, this might almost sound like great fun but a word of warning: the forms are still formidable and have to be completed accurately or they will be rejected. Moreover, no allowances have been made for those who do not have home PCs, people with learning disabilities or older folks who know little about modern technology.

At Bankruptcy UK we have set up procedures to deal with all of these issues and will do everything for the client, from completing a fact find and preparing documents for sign off, to submitting everything online. In other words, we’ll make the process seamless while you go bankrupt from the comfort of your armchair.

Bankruptcy UK will help you throughout the process and submit your application online. Court appearances for bankruptcy are no longer required. Feel free to call us on 01425 600129 for a chat about your circumstances.

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