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Official Receiver has lost my bankruptcy file – now what?

I have been bankrupt for ten years as an indefinite restriction applies to me. However, last year i complied with all that was asked of me and expected to have the restriction lifted. Now i have been told that the official receiver has lost my file and has asked me to send them all the information again. This is not possible as I sent them the original copies – what should I do?

In cases where you feel that you are being treated unfairly by the Official Receiver or a Trustee, the best thing is to submit a Form 7.1A Application Notice to the County Court citing section 303 of the Insolvency Act ‘General control of trustee by the court’ which reads: ‘If a bankrupt or any of his creditors or any other person is dissatisfied by any act, omission or decision of a trustee of the bankrupt’s estate, he may apply to the court; and on such an application the court may confirm, reverse or modify any act or decision of the trustee, may give him directions or may make such other order as it thinks fit’. It will go before a Judge who will decide if you have a case. We think you do, so best of luck.

Having said that, you may wish to initially call the Insolvency Service to find out if any new rulings have been introduced. The number is 0300 6780015 option 4 followed by option 3.

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