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How long will my IVA stay on my credit report

All debts remain on your credit file for six years, which can be frustrating for those who have recently completed a 5 – 6 year IVA, as the ‘Footprint’ stays there for several more years. There are so many people who opt for IVAs ahead of bankruptcy, despite the fact that they have no assets such as property or businesses – the purpose of an IVA is to protect assets which might otherwise be lost in bankruptcy. This results in them being stuck in a completely unnecessary IVA for at least five years, when they could be in and out of bankruptcy in 12 months or less.

While on the subject, people should note that properties in negative equity are not lost in bankruptcy, provided mortgage payments are maintained. It should also be pointed out that if a property is involved in an IVA, it will run for six years and not five. This is because there is a so-called four year re-mortgage clause in these agreements which obliges the individual to release funds from their properties after four years. Since this will never be possible because of an impaired credit rating, the IVA remains in place for a sixth year.

It still troubles us how many ordinary people have been placed in IVAs when bankruptcy was  the correct solution. People in rented and holding down everyday jobs have no place in an IVA but this is big business for the IVA companies and they will place virtually anybody in one of these wretched arrangements.

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