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Why Does my IVA Company Ignore Me?

When I entered into an IVA about 9 months ago my IVA company was ever so helpful, but now I have problems it’s almost impossible to get hold of them. I have left  messages and sent emails, but nobody comes back to me. Why does my IVA company ignore me?

We come across a lot of this and it always seems to be when there’s a problem. IVA companies are notoriously slow in getting back to people, probably because they know it’s just a matter of time before the client realises they should never have entered the IVA in the first place. IVAs are designed to protect assets such as property portfolios and businesses, not for everyday people. If you are in rented and holding down a regular job like the rest of us, bankruptcy is the answer. Amazingly, people on DLA and other benefits are also placed in IVAs when there is absolutely no chance of there being a monthly payment in bankruptcy.

There are reasons for this and it comes down to money. IVA companies pocket the first two year’s contributions for themselves with only a trickle of money going to the creditors. Speaking of which, the original creditors would have long since sold the debt on to debt collectors and it is these companies that eventually receive a fraction of your monthly payment. We often hear people say ‘we entered an IVA because we wanted to repay the debt’ but this is a fallacy. IVAs are a grand illusion much the same as David Copperfield making an elephant disappear on stage.

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