How To Go Bankrupt

To go bankrupt you need to get advice from people who know everything about all aspects of bankruptcy. Think about the impact of going bankrupt on your bank account; bear in mind, you will still have bills to pay. You will also need to determine whether your family or friends are likely to be affected. The procedure is as follows:

• Complete the online application with the Insolvency Service
• Pay the £655 bankruptcy fee at the same time (online)

To overcome the problem of recording and checking information, we have decided to retain the old Statement of Affairs (which is now completed online) and send this on to clients to check for accuracy, prior to submitting online. The online application is assessed by an Adjudicator (who performs the same role as the previous Judge at the court) who then passes the case on to the Official Receiver’s office.

Make a Bankruptcy Order

Once that happens, either the Official Receiver or an appointed Insolvency Practitioner will act as your Trustee in Bankruptcy. It is their job to manage your financial affairs during your Bankruptcy.

Where can I get help with going bankrupt?

We use bankruptcy as a tool for discharging debt and providing clients with a fresh start. We relieve clients of the stress of having to manage their debt situations on their own. As bankruptcy solutions experts since 1998, we are extremely experienced and capable of guiding people through the process seamlessly. All of our fees are transparent and there are no hidden extras.

Call us now on 01425 600129 or 07479739139. We are available Monday – Saturday until 10pm and Sundays until 6pm. We provide a free initial consultation and can tell you exactly where you stand after obtaining some details off you.

Business & Business Personal Bankruptcy Specialists Bankruptcy

Business & Business Personal Bankruptcy Specialists Bankruptcy

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