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Bankruptcy Restrictions | Do They Apply if You Move Abroad


Bankruptcy Restrictions: Do they apply if you move abroad? Bankruptcy restrictions only apply in the UK only. If you are made bankrupt in the Uk then you are only bankrupt in the UK.

Although its not common because most people are creatures of habit and don’t like to move away from families, loved ones and jobs. theres usually a reason that holds people where they are. Thats just the way it is.

However if you are airing o the side of adventure and cutting your losses and having a fresh start then its quite doable to apply for bankruptcy here in the UK. Then after the bankruptcy if your mind is set on having a fresh start and the opportunity exists or is appealing to move abroad and start a new life then you can do it.

A few examples of UK citizens being in a financial position where quite simply enough is enough and the life as you know it is running out without any particular meaning to your life other than the same old same old treadmill and you realise that unless you do something about it the years are going to run by and you will have regret for the things that you haven’t done. So if this is you absolutely yes you can.

Other examples of people who have avoided bankruptcy restrictions that we are at liberty to disclose are those of Southern Irish seeking a fresh start from a debt laden position.

The most complex and most determined of examples was that of a father of 4 children a wife and a full move from Southern Ireland to the UK. They rented a house, did the full move from Ireland, relocated the children to School, the father got a full time employment. After the greater part of 6 months which is 3 months and 1 day applied for personal bankruptcy which was granted because they totally fulfilled criteria. After the bankruptcy they moved to Australia where they now live and have made a new life for themselves. This family have now avoided bankruptcy restrictions.

It is an inspirational move that not everyone is cut out for.

The other options available are that UK Bankruptcy debts are included in the bankruptcy and then offshore companies are obtained which then use the UK as the centre of main interests and operate as normal until the bankruptcy is at an end and the discharged bankrupt either continues as they are or providing there are no restrictions on their bankruptcy can be a director of a limited company.

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