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Do Bailiffs get involved with bankruptcy


No, there is no Bailiff activity in bankruptcy whatsoever. In fact, at no point does anyone come to your house / flat to assess what you have in terms of assets. The myths surrounding Bailiff activity have been propagated to some extent by TV shows, but the reality is different.

The most likely triggers for Bailiff activity are a) if you have had a County Court Judgement (CCJ) made against you and you have ignored the terms and non-payment of Council Tax which has resulted in a Liability Order. Seeing neither of these are part of the bankruptcy process, there is nothing to be concerned about.

As a matter of interest only, even if you had ignored the terms of a County Court Judgement, it would still require a creditor escalating the case to the High Court to get the Sheriffs or High Court Enforcement Officers banging on your door. Even then, the Sheriffs only have the right to force entry into business premises but not private residences.

However, if it does get to this stage i.e. Sheriffs you have a major problem as they usually arrive early in the morning with the opening gambit ‘I have been ordered by the court to seize goods to the value of XXX unless payment is received in lieu’. Calling the Police won’t help and they won’t go away until either a payment is made or a satisfactory payment plan (following an initial payment) is in place.

Similar issues arise when a Council obtains a Liability Order for non-payment of Council Tax. Seeing there are seven stages involved before it gets to this point, the best thing is to stay in touch with the Council thus avoid it altogether.

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