Discharge Suspended indefinitely

How to deal with and remove suspended bankruptcy discharge orders

It quite often happens that for a number of reasons a persons bankruptcy can be suspended, meaning that they are registered bankrupt forever. The reasons are often for non compliance or from not speaking to a case worker and supplying information they require to process the bankrupts estate.

When this happens to a bankrupt it can make them feel helpless and powerless and stands in the way of them progressing their lives in a conventional way.

A recent success case to give other people in this position hope has just been completed after nearly 7 years of the bankrupt trying to remove the suspension.

We were instructed in October 2019 and started off reasonably well with the negotiations until Covid struck ands all the departments in the insolvency service were closed and the caseworkers seemingly disappeared.

We were left with no choice other than to take an action against the Insolvency service using an IAA application with a full and comprehensive statement of fact. So on 4th May the county court application was submitted and the Insolvency Service were served a copy of the application. and last week we received the call confirming that there are no objections from the Insolvency Service and that our client will be discharged in August.

So if you have a problem with a suspended bankruptcy then why not call our helpful team and see if we can help you with getting it removed.

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