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Court Fines and Bankruptcy-Get Help From

Court fines and  bankruptcy

What is the situation with court fines and bankruptcy? If you are considering entering personal bankruptcy then there will almost certainly be questions you will need answering. Questions like what debts can I include in the bankruptcy.   But you cannot include court orders or child maintenance.

This is  provided they are not of a criminal nature. As we say you can include parking fines of any description, including City of London congestion charges, as well as any other civil-orientated fine, but not speeding fines. We have had cases where people have racked up £4,500 worth of City of London parking fines, but it all gets written off. For that matter, you may also include civil settlements and fines as a result of civil suits of most descriptions, in case you were wondering.

bankruptcy forms
bankruptcy forms

Our Bankruptcy UK team provides bankruptcy help and information across the board and takes clients through the bankruptcy planning process as well as the application itself. There are no longer court attendances but the detail is very important when processing these types of information.

Its critical that the application is accurate and honest and remember if you seek to do this yourself then be aware that if you think its OK to leave certain questions out because you don’t want to go into detail then this is a tell tale sign that you are not necessarily being forthcoming with the truth which could in turn lead to further restrictions and interviews until the Insolvency Service. This can be avoided by thinking the answers through and taking enough time to prepare the application.

If you do have fines and are in the process of being contacted and visited by the Sheriffs office or bailiffs then once you have your bankruptcy order then its a good idea to contact them and let them know that you have entered bankruptcy. they can then update their file notes which should avoid unnecessary visits and calls.

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