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Commercial and Personal Debt Help

Commercial and Personal Debt Help


We are Bankruptcy.co.uk who provide commercial and personal debt help. Pre Bankruptcy Consultation. This gives you the opportunity to discuss with a experienced debt solution specialist that can fully understand who you are and what it is that you have surrounding you that is causing the problem areas in your financial world.


Our team provides help and assistance with debt levels of £25k and above. Personal and commercial debt solution specialists that will provide you with an insight of options that are available to you. We appreciate that the majority of people leave it last minute and beyond before they look for help. Or they want help but don’t know how to look or find the help they need. This type of Commercial and Personal Debt Help is not available on the high street.

We provide telephone assistance or via Skype if preferred and will complete a fact find. This fact find enables us to see exactly where the problems are. You will be surprised that it is not as complicated as you may think and can often get a good idea by just asking under 10 questions. All conversations are followed up with a report once an income and expenditure has been completed. We are fully transparent with pricing and fees.

Our initial objective is to be able to stabilise you by providing you with information relating to your specific circumstances that will help and assist you in either coming to terms with what is going on presently, and more importantly where the actions being taken against you will lead.  Once you know this then you can start to position yourself. This in itself often makes clients feel much better as they know where they are going and what they need to do.

We offer a 3rd party intermediary service for people that are struggling to communicate with aggressive creditors, and or Trustees in Bankruptcy, or Supervisors of IV

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