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Should I clear debt with an IVA or Bankruptcy?


What choice should you make when considering an insolvency solution to clear outstanding and unmanageable debts? Making the right decision is critical. IVA companies will encourage you to take out an IVA as this makes them plenty of money, but beware the implications. Do I Clear Debts with an IVA or Bankruptcy?

IVAs can be an sound choice in some circumstances. If, for example, you wished to continue practicing as a Director or you have significant assets, then of course an IVA is suitable. However, a report released by the Insolvency Service indicated that of all the people who had entered into an IVA, less than 29% were given information about the benefits of bankruptcy and whether it might be a more appropriate solution.

IVA companies have now reduced the amount of debt required to qualify for an IVA from £15,000 to just £7,000 in a bid to attract more clientele. This is ridiculous when considering the long term damage this will have on your credit file. An IVA lasts for a minimum of 5 years. Your income is capped and if you earn any more money you are obliged to pay any surplus income to your creditors. This will leave most people on the breadline for years after they took out the arrangement.

Bankruptcy Restriction Order
Bankruptcy Restriction Order

There are always things people can do when looking for help and assistance. It is hard to get these answers when looking for free help and advice, as the reality is that free advice is often the most expensive information you can receive.

Look into the small print of these agreements carefully before you committing. If in doubt get a professional to look at it and have it explained to you.

Bankruptcy UK offers a full bankruptcy administration service and will submit your bankruptcy application online. Court appearances are no longer required for bankruptcy. Call us for bankruptcy help on 01425 600129 or for an informal chat about your circumstances.



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