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    As experts in Business bankruptcy, we can support you whether you are investigating Company Voluntary Arrangements, Business Money Management, Administration or Liquidation. And if you’re not sure which route is for you? Then do not fret, our team of specialists can talk you through the entire process, and help you to make the best decision for you and your business.

    Injunction and winding up petition advice – Business Closure Advice – Business Insurance Interruption Claims Advice – PG disputes – Advice for Director & shareholder disputes

    Below you can find more information on all of these topics, but please note that for most directors, we strongly recommend taking professional advice before proceeding with any of them.


    A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) enables your company to settle outstanding debts by paying a proportion of the owed amount to your creditors, using an income based repayment method or an asset based repayment method or a combination of both. 75% of the total amount of debt must agree to the proposal.  

    Business Money Management

    Cashflow is key when you are going through critical challenges with your business.

    Communicating and negotiating the correct terms with your business associates and suppliers is essential. Making the most out of what you have by being resourceful will be critical to the survival of your enterprise.


    The administration service is when a chartered accountant or licensed insolvency practitioner (IP) is appointed to oversee and assume control of the company from the current directors, and manage the business from this point onwards towards a suitable end game. This is a great solution when a director requires an expert to navigate the business through some troubled circumstances with a view of restoring it back to the director when the company is in a better position. This is also a positive strategy if the company is wanting to sell.


    The starting point for any company liquidation is determining how the company liquidation or insolvency proceedings are initiated, and what is involved. How much will it cost? How long will it take? What will be my circumstances following liquidation?

    Personal Bankruptcy

    From individual voluntary arrangements, to debt management, to bankruptcy, we are here to help you find a fresh start, with no personal unsecured debts. 

    Understanding Bankruptcy

    Perhaps you just need some impartial bankruptcy help and advice? If you’re considering going bankrupt, take a look at our understanding bankruptcy page for all you need to know.

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    We’re Personal & Business Bankruptcy Specialists, providing Bankruptcy help & advice for over 20 years, as well as debt management, money & credit solutions.

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