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Bankruptcy Positive Change Solutions

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The end of a negative struggle is a positive!

All things end badly or they wouldn’t end!

Bankruptcy positive change solutions = Substituting a negative set of financial problems and replacing them with a positive scenario even if that means starting all over again.

Coming to terms with and resolving or refreshing what would be described as a negative struggle is a good thing.

Removing a problem that is holding you back is a good thing. Bankruptcy itself allows an individual to rid themselves on unmanageable debt and become debt free.

Bankruptcy Positive Change Solutions

Bankruptcy represents a fresh start and a new beginning. Since the enterprise Act 2002 the actual term of bankruptcy was reduced from 3 years to 1 year.

Once the bankruptcy has started there is no reason to keep looking back. The time has then come to keep your body and your head facing forward. The options available to you will be to continue with your profession, or become self employed and start your own business as a Sole Trader.

We are all human after all. Even if certain human beings think that they are perfect and can do no wrong and who think they are always right. Those that follow directions and instructions and obey the law in every way certainly does not make them perfect. These people are generally highly stressed human beings.

Getting through life isn’t always going to be easy. There will always be a problem to solve but ultimately the more problems that we solve then the easier it is to deal with and manage problems that

Bankruptcy can be positive because it represents the end of what has become a negative struggle, something that might have been going on for five or even ten years.

Negative struggles can, and are, for most people all consuming.

The fear of the unknown, fear of loss and change are what will  stop people from making the right decision.

After nearly 20 years in this industry, providing assistance to people seeking direction and a positive solution its fair to say that making the right decision for some people is a tough one.

For the people out there who are facing difficult futures unless they do something about it, and are hesitant and resistant because they simply don’t understand the implications or aren’t used to planning or re-planning their lives in a way that they and their families can move freely forward.

The fear of change can mean so much that people just want to bob along even if they know they are heading in the wrong direction.

People get used to negativity.

They get so used to negativity and not having anything much positive going on that the thought of a future with less problems and things to complain about is a daunting thought.

bankruptcy positive change solutions

Or it may be that the person who is facing the difficulty is actually surrounded by negative people or people that don’t want that person to find a solution because it may be that its the position of fear and the unknown that is actually holding them together. We all know that there are a lot of people in controlling relationships or friendships and this means that one has the upper or ruling hand over the other.

A typical example would be a man or woman age group 30’s plus, married, or living together with children or without, paying a mortgage after saving up or securing the deposit monies and acquisition costs of buying a home, doing what they feel is right and correct such as making children and raising a family.

Or they are living in rented accommodation living day to day but in a way that over a period of time often years their living costs are greater than their incomes so invariably they spend more than they earn and aren’t able to play catch up with the payments.  therefore at some point they will reach the end of the line.

During this negative period there could very well be a mental breakdown or deterioration of they happy state where actually they start feeling depressed and end up going to their doctor for help and assistance that they will find a magic tablet that will somehow make everything better. Of course this doesn’t work because all that happens is the real problems are masked over and not really cured or solved.

As long as they bring in enough money weekly or monthly to maintain costs and be able to pay for the not only essential needs but the perceived needs of the family unit, then its probably as good as it gets. But there are dangers with this outlook in modern day living because they are doing their best or what they feel is their best in what is perceived as a way of getting through an impossible situation.

Emotional reactions and love or what is perceived as love can often be a barrier for making the right decisions.

Whether we are talking about a single mother raising her children the best she can without the support mechanism of the man. Or the other way around where the man is a single and the woman has left and he is left raiding and caring for his family. We must try to see how and  why bankruptcy can be positive – make a positive change




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