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All financially active people can end up having to consider bankruptcy as a long term solution at some point in their lives. Most individuals choose bankruptcy as an option as a last resort.

Our clients consist of both professionals and ordinary people with over £25k debts. However, most are just everyday folk who have jobs and and have simply ended up in a financial position they would never have been able to foresee.

Who considers bankruptcy as an option

It’s not just ordinary householders that consider bankruptcy as an option. It’s Barristers, Doctors, Dentists, Estate Agents, Independant Financial Advisors, Builders, architects and all manner of professionals, as well as Tradespeople, Property Developers, Online Gambling or Forex traders.

Ordinary people living ordinary lives with ordinary financial commitments where a change has happened that influences everything.

Retired people who have tried Debt management Plans, or have entered an IVA which has failed or is failing.

Recently divorced or separated where one or the other has accumulated debts and now has monthly payment commitments where the income just isn’t sufficient so service living cost monies and minimum repayments.

People who have entered an IVA only to realise that they have no assets to protect; they might have agreed terms only to find that the payments are reviewed every year and are no longer sustainable.

Self Employed individuals who have run into difficulty with HMRC and it is often a demand for payment or a bailiff visit that triggers the need for action.

Company directors who have ended up in a position where future trading seems impossible because of something that has happened.

These reasons usually consist of.

  1. HMRC demands for payment for monies that are unavailable through the business. It may be that personal credit has already been put into the business and options are running out.
  2. Problems with an accountant who has caused the business a serious accounting problem.
  3. A dispute with a Landlord or supplier that seemingly cannot be resolved through attempts to negotiate.
  4.  Something has happened that wasn’t foreseen and the person simply doesn’t have the skill-set or knowledge to manage the situation that is ahead of them.

Considering Bankruptcy As An Option

How we can help You:

Very importantly we are not an advice organisation. Our philosophy after nearly 20 years in this industry is to simply provide enough information for the individual to make an informed decision. We will ask a series of questions that the individual has probably never been asked before. The responses to these questions empowers the person with sufficient information the right decision.

Our teams are trained to ask series of questions that quickly provide a complete snap shot of a person’s circumstances and how they ended up in the position that they are in. It is important to us to understand our client’s needs from the very first phone call. We focus on positive solutions and empower our clients with the basic skill sets are are needed to move forward.

Our job is to provide a solution that works for you.


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Bankruptcy UK-Debt Solution Bankruptcy Experts