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We provide a straightforward approach to preparing for personal bankruptcy. Bankruptcy information  can vary enormously when you are looking for specific answers to questions. People tend to shrink away from bankruptcy due to the stigma of the word, but these days it is applied for online and all dealings are conducted over the phone.

Presenting inaccurate Bankruptcy Information when applying for bankruptcy online could have dire consequences for an individual. For example, what happens if your vehicle is worth £1600 when the allowable limit in Bankruptcy is £1000? Or what happens if your property value is roughly the same as your mortgage? Will you lose the property? Or will you definitely keep it, subject to certain conditions?

There are  incidents where even the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has guessed at bankruptcy Information instead of researching the circumstances. True, the CAB are ‘Jacks of all Trades’ when it comes to offering advice across a broad range of issues, but the repercussions of weak bankruptcy information can have far reaching effects.

This is particularly true when it comes to working out an individual’s Income and Expenditure. The Insolvency Service amends allowable expense limits every year and you could be doing a person a huge disservice if you underclaimed on expenses.

Under this pledge, we will assist you in challenging unfair decisions by the Official Receiver and have achieved some spectacular results. In one case, we successfully overturned a decision to take a person’s car on finance, as the individual in question needed a certain standard of reliable vehicle in terms of his company’s employment criteria.

Our team are generally older, more experienced individuals from the Financial Services Sector with 20 years or more relevant experience. They do not use scripts and actually listen to you instead of ‘talking at you’. Everything we say is confirmed by email within 30 minutes and we take you through the process step-by-step.


Bankruptcy UK-Debt Solution Bankruptcy Experts

Bankruptcy UK-Debt Solution Bankruptcy Experts

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