Bankruptcy Help and Advice

To get Bankruptcy Help and advice our team is available day and night to take your call (Click here to contact us). Our priority is to establish your circumstances and identify the best possible solution (which might not be Bankruptcy).

Bankruptcy is appropriate for those individuals who have unmanageable debts and no significant assets. Please note, household items like TVs, music systems  and fridges are not viewed as ‘significant assets’. A property in negative equity is also not viewed as an asset and is not under threat in bankruptcy.

Articles, advice and information on the subject of bankruptcy vary considerably. For example, articles printed by The Insolvency Service tend to paint the starkest of pictures for the most extreme cases. The basic fact is that Bankruptcy in England and Wales lasts no longer than 12 months, followed by an automatic discharge.

When considering bankruptcy, it is important that you understand the implications. Yes, you can get advice from the internet, but there is often more to bankruptcy than meets the eye e.g. have you completed an income and expenditure which shows all of your expenses? And have you claimed the maximum allowed for all of those expenses? If not, you could end up making a monthly payment in the form of an Income Payments Agreement for the next three years! Rest assured, we will do everything possible to ensure this does not happen to you.

Then there is the question of bank accounts, whether a vehicle will be retained or not, and so on. We will systematically explain every element of the process, leaving you absolutely clear as to the way forward. Our team do not work from a script and are generally older people from the Financial Services sector.

Feel free to call us anytime on ☎ 01425 600129 and let’s have an informal chat about your circumstances.

Bankruptcy UK-Debt Solution Bankruptcy Experts

Bankruptcy UK-Debt Solution Bankruptcy Experts

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