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Bankruptcy Advice
Bankruptcy Advice

Bankruptcy Assistance

Our Bankruptcy Specialists will provide you with clear and ethical bankruptcy guidance.

Our advisers are mature, more qualified individuals who specialise in bankruptcy. They will carefully document your circumstances then recommend a solution. We will explain everything about the procedures and implications of bankruptcy in clear terms and will not use any jargon. You will certainly be provided with enough information to make an informed decision.

Having completed well over 4,000 bankruptcies, we can assure you that bankruptcy provides peace of mind and an automatic discharge after just 12 months. For the creditors, bankruptcy allows a full investigation of the debtor’s circumstances.

It is often the case that the process is completed over several months, as the individual needs time to save the court costs. It is therefore essential that a form of protection is in place. We will protect you from the beginning and will even take on the likes of HMRC and the major banks to defend you. Once we have a Letter of Authority from you, we will advise the various parties and fight your corner.

Perhaps the most important part of preparing a bankruptcy petition is the Income and Expenditure, as this will decide whether you will be asked for a monthly payment once bankrupt. It is our duty to present your circumstances in the best possible light and to show the Adjudicator in Bankruptcy that you have no disposable income. This monthly payment is known as an ‘Income Payments Agreement’ or IPA. Our success rate in avoiding IPAs is impressive as we know exactly what can be claimed and for how much.

Bankruptcy help is just a phone call away. Please call us for a personal and confidential discussion about your state of affairs. Contact us on 01425 600129 and we will talk you through your options. We offer an A – Z package which includes submitting the application online and the all-important income and expenditure.


Bankruptcy UK-Debt Solution Bankruptcy Experts

Bankruptcy UK-Debt Solution Bankruptcy Experts