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Bankrupt Home Owner

If you are a bankrupt home owner and the appointed  trustee is pursuing fees that are unreasonable then you will need help.

We understand that for bankrupts that are trying to negotiate from a position of weakness  then its  certainly not easy. There are always reasons as to how people have ended up in the position that they have ended up in. Our job is to identify these reasons, identify the actual problem and provide solutions that allow you to minimise the financial damage and discuss a plan that will allow you to make the best decisions for your circumstances.

The people around you don’t understand, the average high street firm of solicitors cant help you. Your situation will feel desperate and you will feel helpless. this has an overbearing negative impact on loved ones when the reality of losing everything you have worked hard to accumulate is threatened.

Here at bankruptcy.co.uk we provide money and time saving options.

We have the skills and expertise to manage hostile and difficult trustees that don’t listen to you or care about anything other than taking what equity there is out of your property. In some instances we will escalate a complaint to their governing body.

Our process consists of understanding the background to your case, you provide us with a 3rd party authority that allows us to make contact directly with your trustee on your behalf.

We know and understand the challenges involved in ordinary peoples lives when they find themselves in professional difficulty where they simply feel that negotiations are impossible. We know we can make the difference as we have the skill set to not only match

We then make the necessary steps to manage the negotiations on your behalf. We keep you informed of the progress in real time. so you will receive feedback when we do. We waste no time in contacting the trustee and will find a solution that will undoubtably save you costs and time in bringing this situation to a final end.



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Bankruptcy UK-Debt Solution Bankruptcy Experts