I am an expert consultant for Business and personal insolvency. With 21 years in this sector and since being self employed since 16 years old I know where I stand in this sector. I don't look to compete with the fashionable trends in this sector. Im not interested in IVA's generally because of the way that certain companies abuse them just top make a profit for themselves without a thought for the individual who will undoubtably become financially disabled with a very small chance of ever recovering from entering into the arrangement. I provide "well rounded" "arial view" information, help and services to real people that need them. I ensure that our office is manned sufficiently to take calls until 10pm. If you are in a serious situation seeking assistance then I and my team are happy to take your call.

Bankruptcy Social Stigma

When talking about bankruptcy, most people relate it to the financial constraints suffered by individuals when they start the process. However, bankruptcy stigma goes beyond its original financial association, including also social and emotional factors. The social stigma attached to bankruptcy represents the fear of how society views individuals who file for bankruptcy.[i] Since its origin, …

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