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About Bankruptcy UK – We’ve been helping People Get Out of Debt Since 1998!

Bankruptcy UK is the UK’s most established debt help organisation, providing bankruptcy solutions and alternative business and financial solutions for the past 20 years. 

Every year, we help thousands of businesses, families and individuals, just like you, to get out of their financial problems.

Through our telephone debt helpline and email enquiries, we offer “tailored” financial solutions to people who are struggling with the worry and stress of debt.

Our Services

We’re one of the leading experts in assisting people to repay and manage their debts. We offer relevant, tailored and practical solutions to help you make a fresh start and manage debt.

We offer these debt solutions to help you take charge of your financial lives

Our Approach

Regardless of whether you’re looking for financial help online or by phone, our simple debt advice approach will make sure you get the right solution for your debt issues. 

We follow these 3-simple steps to help you get out of your problem debt:

Step 1: Know more about YOU.

You can either call our telephone helpline, or send an enquiry by filling the form at your right, and talk to one of our debt expert advisors. We’ll gather details such as income, unsecured debts, outgoings, and any assets you may have.

Step 2: Create a budget.

We’ll then create a sustainable budget that suits your situation. This will help us see what is left at the end of every month so that it can go towards your “unsecured debts.”

Step 3: Help set it up.

We’ll offer you a tailored and clear advice on the best course of action to take. And we’ll help you set it up, too.

Our Mission

Our objective is to create better futures by using our personal approach, trusted resources, and professional experience to help businesses, families, and individuals become debt free.

We explore all options in finding a tailored and practical solution to your debt problem, and then set about achieving it. If bankruptcy is not the solution, we will not hesitate to say so.

We are dedicated and passionate in what we do because we love helping people get through seemingly impossible situations. People often become surprised when we deliver them exceptional outcomes even when they would like to imagine anything positive would come out of it.

Our Vision

We want to help society understand how to solve debt problems and get a fresh start.

Debt causes many problems to individuals, but the pain goes much deeper – wrecking families, ruining homes, and affecting whole families.

By helping people become more aware of debt issues in the UK, we intend to help them overcome the massive problems that debt presents in their lives.

We intend to make the residence of the UK to make the most of their personal and financial lives.

We will provide all the information you need to make the right decision and will discuss a Bankruptcy UK strategy that is bespoke, especially for your circumstances.

Our Core Values

1. Empathetic: We take our time to consider each and every business, family and individual situation for what it is – unique.

2. Sincerity: We are committed to follow the best practices in getting you out of debt.

3. Empowerment: We provide help, advice, and tools necessary to achieve your long-term financial success.

There are no situations we haven’t faced or understand or can’t find solution for.

We have been helping people out of debt for nearly 20 years –  meaning there are no situations we haven’t faced or understand and can’t find solution for.

It’s not always easy for everyone to do what is necessary and to make the adjustments and changes to life situations that have brought them to either by facing bankruptcy or already entering it.

We use bankruptcy as a tool for discharging unmanageable debts thus providing a “fresh start.” Clients are provided with relief from the stress of having to manage their debt situations on their own.

Message from the Founder 

Sean M Kiani – Business and Financial Turnaround & Recovery.

I specialise in getting to grips with understanding client issues and find the centre of the problem. Communication is the key and to use practical and efficient methods to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

We take control of your situation straight away. You will also have access to our team until 22.00, everyday

Our team will provide the best UK bankruptcy solution only after exploring all the options.

As UK bankruptcy solution experts since 1998, we are extremely proficient in navigating people to a position of safety whilst explaining everything in plain English at all times.

What our happy clients say about us?

We are often admired for our in-depth help and advice (as our practitioners are fully qualified).

Many clients also comment on how affordable are fees are in comparison to other quotations they receive from other providers.  

Our clients often say we do a great job in helping them through a very tough time. They also like our company set up as they can work with us closely to make sure their goals are considered as well as the best outcome for the creditors.

Top 9 Awesome Reasons Why Choose Bankruptcy UK:

  • We offer a free consultation… initially
  • You can talk directly with one of our team who will quickly identify and relate to your position.
  • Our pricing is affordable and competitive for services offered
  • We are highly experienced and trained
  • Our personal approach
  • Access a network of professional financiers and business partners
  • Experts in insolvency and recovery and are not accountants offering these services.
  • We provide expert advice for both companies and individuals
  • We have good business recovery success rates

Do you need expert advice or help?

If you are struggling with your debts, our team will quickly guide you on what you should do next. Simply give them a FREE call on 01425 600129. Or, alternatively, you can fill up the form to quickly find see which help is available for you.


Bankruptcy UK-Debt Solution Bankruptcy Experts

Bankruptcy UK-Debt Solution Bankruptcy Experts