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Sean M. Kiani
Business Bankruptcy Specialist

Hi, I am Sean Kiani, your Business Bankruptcy Specialist Adviser and I want to help you to approach circumstances with the right mindset, to ensure the process is as effective as possible.

Understanding how you have ended up in the position you  currently in  and understanding what actions you need to take in order to contain, control and manage what you have to deal with.

I provide a strategy that you can apply to your situation, enabling you to get what you need by sending the right communications to all parties. This will save time and improve effectiveness. This will also in many instances achieves incredible results. ​


Business and personal bankruptcy proceedings can happen to literally anybody. There will come a time where you need specialist expertise. It will quite probably be because of a failure from a key person or outsourced professionals that have failed in their process that you rely on.

We provide a holistic review of your circumstances and act in the best way to stabilise a clients position and maximise asset retention.

Bankruptcy Specialists for over 20 years

Bankruptcy LTD was established in 1998 and founded because of a clear need for simplified insolvency solutions and bankruptcy help and advice, for individuals and businesses, particularly for people with debts over £25,000, 

During this period, our founder has been instrumental in invoking reform within the industry, changing the laws in Scotland to help company directors represent themselves in the court of session. Up until then a company director was prohibited from speaking without counsel or a Lord Ordinary. This changed a 15th century rule that stated ‘no man could represent themselves in the court of session’. . He is so passionate about his business he wrote a book; ‘The Bankruptcy Survival Guide’. 

We have now been supporting people with personal and business bankruptcy help and advice for over twenty years, invoking positive change and a professional yet affordable solvency solutions gateway. We will never tell you what to do, but we will help you to make an informed decision, based on your own specific circumstances, by offering you practical and non-judgmental support.

As your UK Bankruptcy Specialists, we will help you to find a strategy to get you out of the ‘minus zero’ position. Our Insolvency experience in the corporate and commercial insolvency sector is second-to-none, and we have helped thousands of individuals seeking assistance with serious insolvency matters. 

Our straight-forward approach and independent thinking makes our clients enjoy working with us. Bankruptcy and Insolvency is a serious matter, and we are proud to help you to solve it.

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Business & Personal Bankruptcy Services

About Us Advanced Bankruptcy Specialists

Personal Bankruptcy

From individual voluntary arrangements, to debt management, to bankruptcy, we are here to help you find a fresh start, with no personal unsecured debts. 

About Us Advanced Bankruptcy Specialists

Business Bankruptcy

We can support with company voluntary arrangements, business money management, and administration, and can you help your business whatever your financial situation.

About Us Advanced Bankruptcy Specialists

Understanding Bankruptcy

Perhaps you just need some impartial bankruptcy help and advice? If you’re considering going bankrupt, take a look at our understanding bankruptcy page for all you need to know.

"Sean is a can do man, nothing phases him. He is incredibly cleaver, hardworking and always has a positive attitude. He has a hands on approach and the ability to think outside the box."
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