Providing Efficiency & Effectiveness of Solving Unmanageable Bankruptcy Problems Today

Have you made decisions and are now facing bankruptcy along with significant losses and don’t know what to do? You may have engaged a firm of accountants and feel as though you have made the wrong decision and everything you’ve worked towards is now slipping away. At we provide assurance in all insolvency matters. There becomes a point where it’s not business any more…..It’s Personal and we provide practical and innovative bankruptcy UK solutions to financially distressed companies and individuals. All our solutions are tailor-made to fit your individual circumstances As established and practised insolvency experts we know our way around and through procedures and can implement time-saving mechanisms that provide clients with truly advantageous and financial saving solutions where possible.


Bankruptcy UK is 20 years old and was founded because of a clear need for simplified insolvency and bankruptcy  UK assistance where people with debts over £25k that are looking for an absolute solution. During this period the owner has been instrumental in invoking reform within The Insolvency Service and changed laws in Scotland to help directors.  He is so passionate about his business he wrote a book. ‘The Bankruptcy Survival Guide’. After completing a course in “Policy Studies” at The Cooperative College in Loughborough. Three years later in 1998, I formed Bankruptcy UK, a service offering assistance for the people by the people”.

We have now been supporting people just like you for over twenty years, invoking positive change and a solvency solutions gateway. We provide informative decision making with practical and non-judgmental support. we will never advise you what to do. That is a decision for you only.

We are here for you, 7 days a week.
T: 01425 600 129


    Empowering the client with information to make the correct decision that is right for them.
    Minimise and simplify the problem by removing the obstacles to stability and financial freedom. Ensuring the customer has a deeper understanding of the process.
    Helping people invoke positive change and removing restrictions.


  • Complimentary Pre Bankruptcy Consultation. This will empower you to make the right decision on your own as we are non advice service.
  • Time for you to process all the information with our guidance and decide what action is best for you.
  • Action, you moving forward.
  • Consultancy services, and financial freedom with all the support from us you need 7 days a week
Bankruptcy UK-Debt Solution Bankruptcy Experts

Bankruptcy UK-Debt Solution Bankruptcy Experts

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