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I am a retail distribution company looking to go into liquidation. I have a siginificant amount of stock to sell and will be doing a closing down sale over the next 3 months. Can you reccommend a good selling agent for electrical products. We have 6 outlests within 60 miles of  Dorchester. I have been trying to sell the freehold commercial units for about 12 months and have lost 3 slaes. Can you reccommend a good commercial lawyer and agent that may be able to help.

Thankyou for your enquiry. I will email you my contact details and arrange a meeting as I feel sure that we will be able to assist. We specilise in Buisness Turnaround and Recovery and have worked successfully with our chosen contacts throughout the last 15 years and if there is a way of getting to the bottom of why these sales have fallen through then we will find it.  We are in touch with buyers for all sorts of different products as well as providing in house administrative functions where our trained turnaround specialists will take control of the management decisions in the company or business and steer it to a more favourable position.

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