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Can I go Bankrupt in the UK if I live in America?

It all comes down to something called ‘Centre of Main Interests’ (COMI), which is all about showing that you mainly live here, but occasionally go abroad. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of ‘Bankruptcy Tourism’ going on and the courts now look long and hard at fringe cases. For you to go bankrupt in the UK you will to show that you have been living here for the greater part of 6 months i.e. three months and a day.

Provided you have a national insurance number, tax reference number, local bank account and are on the electoral roll, you will almost certainly be accepted. As a matter of interest, there are no cross border insolvency agreements between the UK and the US,  so while you are welcome to include US debt in a UK bankruptcy, the US creditors are not obliged to recognise it. However, those same banks would not be able to pursue you for the debt while you remained in the UK.

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Can i visit the US if I am bankrupt?

Yes you can. You are entitled to leave the country as you please – there are no restrictions, as this is a civil and not a criminal matter. However, you need to take into account that that the Official Receiver will be calling you after the bankruptcy and this could be awkward with the time difference between the two countries.

There is some paperwork to be completed following a bankruptcy and everything is usually sorted out within a month, so it might be best to delay your trip accordingly.

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