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Private Bankrupcy

Good day. I have been living here in Glasgow (Scotland) for 1.5 years. Came form Lithuania (EU), where I had mortgage. Contract with the bank already had been stopped, the house was sold, but… the remaining debt are very big – more then 100.000 eur. Would it be possible to run a bankruptcy process? I’m working but still have JobSeeker status. My family – 2 children (5 and 7 years old) and young person aged 18. Thank You. PS I would appreciate, if you would send me your answer or questions by email.

You can do all the things that you want but there is obviously a process to follow. You will need to contact The Accountant in Bankruptcy for Scotland Cases as we do not find it practical to extend our services to Scotland.

What does it cost to go bankrupt?

As from 6th April 2016 there is one universal fee of £680 per person which is paid at the same time you submit your application online to the Insolvency Service. Although this fee is lower than the original £705, there are no more fee remissions for low earners, pensioners, those on benefits, etc. The courts are no longer processing bankruptcy applications.

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Company Director Disqualification – Bankruptcy.co.uk

Company Director Disqualification is handled and managed generally by the Defendant Liaison centre of the Insolvency Service based in Birmingham. This is because a file has been handed to the liaison unit as a result of a Company Investigations Branch Investigation which shows that it is in the public interest for the disqualification procedure to take effect.

Our experience and research tells us that a majority of the cases are because the directors of those companies have been reckless and 99.9% of all director disqualification proceedings are because the company has been trading seriously insolvently. What you as directors have to understand that the bar is set so high in respect to running a company that most companies fail in their duties somewhere along the line.  If someone places a magnifying glass over a companies trading then it stands to reason that there is going to be fault with it.  As warren Buffet said ‘ The view from the front window is entirely different to the view from the rear.

Company Director Disqualification

The process usually consists of an oppressive strike from the insolvency service against the directors of the limited company for Company Director Disqualification. If you feel that the action taken against you is wrong and that you have a justifiable reason for your actions and you want to avoid Company Director Disqualification then you need to stand firm and take your time to deal with the matters in hand. In England and Wales a director can represent the company in the courts.

Company Director Disqualification Scotland

In Scotland you cannot  represent the company as a director   in the Court Of session.

Scotland is different and runs on a 15th Century ruling disallowing any ordinary man from being able to represent themselves in the Court of session when facing company directors disqualification.

Despite a lot of changes over the last 500 years such as surnames an industrial revolution education communication and electronic communication it appears that the Inner House are reluctant to change a policy which allows solicitors and barristers to profit from all directors wanting to defend such actions. However in a company director disqualification application you can defend yourself although the secretary Of State may offer considerable degrees of resistance.

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