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Will I lose my NHS job if I go Bankrupt?

No you won’t. We have taken countless NHS staff through bankruptcy including Doctors, and there has never been a problem. Although your tax code might change to NT (No Tax) until the end of the current tax year, no reason is ever given as to why this has happened – it is simply an instruction and your Payroll Dept. reacts accordingly. There can be many reasons for a change of tax status and in a large organisation like the NHS, it will hardly be noticed.

The same applies for countless other professions. We have taken literally thousands of builders, retailers, office and factory workers though bankruptcy without incident. The only people likely to be affected are those working in the Legal (Solicitors, Barristers) and Financial Services sectors (Financial Advisers, Mortgage Brokers), though not ordinary bank staff.

Bankruptcy UK has been helping people with bankruptcy since 1998 and has the experience to get the best result every time. We will avoid jargon and confirm all discussions by email within 30 minutes. Feel free to call us for a chat about your circumstances on 01425 600129.

Nursing and bankruptcy – will I lose my job?

I am a senior sister and have budgetary responsibilities. Will going bankrupt mean my boss would find out and can I lose my position?

We have taken countless NHS staff – including doctors – through bankruptcy with no repercussions, so we don’t see this as a problem. Nobody will know about the bankruptcy unless you tell them. Although it’s true your tax code will change to NT for the remainder of the tax year, no reason is provided for this and tax codes change all the time.

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Will bankruptcy affect my nursing job?

There are surprisingly few professions that are directly affected by bankruptcy and nursing is not one of them. We have taken literally hundreds of NHS staff through bankruptcy and have never heard of any repercussions.

In terms of applying for work, you would be obliged to answer the question ‘have you ever been bankrupt’ honestly, but please bear in mind that your name is removed from the Insolvency Register 15 months after the bankruptcy took place. We would be surprised if the question was asked in relation to Nursing – it is normally asked when applying for financial services, accounting and legal positions.

Bankruptcy UK offers bankruptcy help across the board and will submit your application online. Court appearances for bankruptcy are no longer required. Feel free to call us on 01425 600129 for a chat about your circumstances.



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