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I checked the London Gazette for the date of my bankruptcy but nothing has appeared .. has my case has been overlooked?

No it has not, it will definitely appear in due course. All bankruptcies that take place in England and Wales have to be recorded in the London Gazette. Occasionally records are batched before posting and this is the likely reason for the delay. Just for the record – if you’ll forgive the pun – the London Gazette is one of the official journals of record of the British Government in which certain statutory notices are required to be published. It is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the UK, having first been published on 7th November 1665 as The Oxford Gazette

Bankruptcy UK offers a full bankruptcy administration service and will submit your bankruptcy application online. Court appearances are no longer required for bankruptcy. Call us for bankruptcy help on 01425 600129 or for an informal chat about your circumstances.

Nursing and bankruptcy – will I lose my job?

I am a senior sister and have budgetary responsibilities. Will going bankrupt mean my boss would find out and can I lose my position?

We have taken countless NHS staff – including doctors – through bankruptcy with no repercussions, so we don’t see this as a problem. Nobody will know about the bankruptcy unless you tell them. Although it’s true your tax code will change to NT for the remainder of the tax year, no reason is provided for this and tax codes change all the time.

Call us on 01425 600129 / 07479 739139 / 07894 481175 with any further bankruptcy questions or information on how to go bankrupt. Our advisers are not scripted and will gladly explain everything in easy to understand terms.

Police Vetting and Bankruptcy

I work for my local council and my job requires police vetting. if I become bankrupt will I lose this job?

No, unless it is specifically mentioned in your employment contract, which we doubt. We have taken countless council workers through bankruptcy and have never had a problem. Bankruptcy is a civil procedure, not a criminal one. Therefore, unless your contract specifies that you have to disclose personal financial circumstances, don’t tell anyone … bankruptcy is only advertised in the London Gazette and is no longer printed in the local press.

What happens after you have been made bankrupt?

You will receive a phone call from the official receivers office wanting to speak to you for around 30 – 40 minutes. This is simply to confirm the information you have submitted in the Statement of Affairs and Debtors Petition. They will also assess your income and expenditure with a view to obtaining an Income Payments Agreement (IPA).

One of the most important aspects of seeking professional bankruptcy advice, is submitting an income and expenditure that reflects as little disposable income as possible. If there is less than £20 disposable income, you may well avoid an IPA which is the best possible result.

At bankruptcy.co.uk we have access to the latest allowable limits re your expenses and this could be the difference between receiving an IPA or not. If you receive an unfair decision re an IPA, we will help you contest it and our success rate is outstanding.

Bankruptcies are no longer published in the local newspaper unless it is in the public’s best interests. However, they are advertised in the London Gazette and are recorded in the Insolvency Register.




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