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I received a letter from the Insolvency Service which seems to be written in some foreign language. What do you make of this? Does it mean I’m being discharged?

‘I refer to the bankruptcy order made against you on xxxxxx and write to inform you that i intend to apply to the Secretary of state for business, innovation and skills for my release as trustee. A summary of my receipts and payments as trustee is enclosed for your information. if you are not already discharged, my release as trustee will have no effect upon the date of your discharge from the bankruptcy’

Yes it does. This is Insolvency Service-ese for saying they have completed their investigations and are discharging you. Just why they don’t say it in everyday English is anyone’s guess. Mind you, speaking to them on the phone isn’t any better. The part which reads ‘if you are not already discharged ..’ is also quite perplexing – you would have thought they would have known one way or the other.

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