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Online Bankruptcy Service

Online Bankruptcy Service

At Bankruptcy UK we will quickly provide a solution for your particular circumstances. Although we do not offer direct advice, we will provide you with more than enough information to make an informed decision.

It is our view that people often make better decisions when presented with impartial information, rather than being told what to do. After all, many of us would hardly have taken financial products had we been given all the information we required upfront. The truth is many of these financial services were sold by advisers based solely on what was most profitable for the company and not what was in the best interests of the client.

Bankruptcy.co.uk will assist all parties, from private individuals to self employed sole traders and business owners. Unlike other debt solution providers, we provide assistance across the board and are not restricted to any particular part of the market.

Due to regulation changes that took place on 6th April 2016 you no longer have to attend court for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy process is now conducted online. If you are looking for help and assistance or simply want some information, call our helpline.

If you cannot afford the bankruptcy fees, we can provide you with access to 48 charities and businesses that could provide you with financial assistance.

Our online bankruptcy service will relieve you of the pressure of having to tackle the online application, which in many cases is designed to trick the applicant. Remember, one of the objectives of the Official Receiver is to place you in an Income Payments Agreement and mistakes made on the application – and particularly the income and expenditure – could cost you dearly.

Bankruptcy UK offers bankruptcy help across the board and will submit your application online. Court appearances for bankruptcy are no longer required. Feel free to call us on 01425 600129 for a chat about your circumstances.

Personal Bankruptcy Services




Are you looking for personal bankruptcy services?

There are a lot of companies out there presenting this service. As there are no FCA regulations or guidelines in place governing debt advice, how do you know who to trust?

We believe this all comes down to 3 things; experience, professionalism and customer satisfaction. Not only have we been doing this for many years with distinction, but our clients are delighted with the help they receive from us. We guarantee personal satisfaction and challenge you to find a better service.

Don’t let your creditors take you through the court system or wait for the Bailiffs to come knocking at your door. Your personal debts or your unsecured debts (personal loans, credit cards, etc.) are all liquidated if you decide on personal bankruptcy. To understand more about the options and to put together a plan of action, give us a call today.

Once bankrupt your creditors are obliged by law to stop contacting you. The threatening letters will stop and you can start to live your life again knowing that your daily post, phone calls or a knock at the door will not be people chasing you for money.

If you are looking for personal bankruptcy services call us now on 01425 600129

Family Business in Crisis



Is your established family business in crisis where you know its heading in the wrong direction?

This is often  difficult situation to face especially for a family business that has been trading a significant amount of time.

Although these are often very difficult conversation to have you be be assured that we are discreet, sensitive and understanding. Very importantly experts at negotiating for an on behalf of clients who are in the position where they are having to negotiate and handle situations from a position of weakness.

We provide a straight forward approach with the ability to take into consideration all the elements of the problem area and deliver options for you to discuss and come up with a plan that you are comfortable with.

Management is the key word. Particularly if the decisions are critical to the business survival.
The most important legacy a family can leave behind is a capable and committed next generation, acting as change agents and bringing forth new perspectives and perceptions on business and family life.
Sustaining this legacy is of course imperative for ongoing survival.


It’s all too easy to avoid sensitive issues and difficult decisions, especially if there are a lot of processes involved and you may feel that the problems may correct themselves. Sadly, a lot of the time that is not the case.

Informing and motivating staff during a crisis is vital and this must be communicated across the whole team. Try not to isolate non family members as everybody likes to understand what is going on and know what is expected of them. This is when the whole company needs to pull together and stand strong as a unit. Discussing things as a family only can cause conflict or hostility around others.

If you have a long term strategy, use your industry knowledge and wealth of experience to your advantage, communicate the trust and lead by example, you will certainly be on the right path.
There are a lot of competitive advantages to running and owning a family business so they need to be the main focus. We appreciate though that sometimes it is hard to make a positive contribution during these difficult times.

If you are looking for help or guidance because your family business is in crisis, call us now on 01425 600129

Self Employed IVA

Self Employed IVA

IVAs were created in 1986 specifically for small business owners with cash flow difficulties. The first year that IVA’s were introduced there were only 11 in total that were sold. Now there are around 250,000 people in England and Wales who have signed up to the IVA Arrangement.

A Self Employed Person who is considering an IVA as a debt solution must face true and sometimes challenging facts about the business they operate. You have to be honest about the position you are in and whether or not there is realistically an opportunity to trade your way out of debt with your business.

In order for Self Employes IVA’s to work the business owner will have to produce a business plan in order that creditors can see for themselves that the business has a good prospect of completing the arrangement.

Although it may be the last thing that you want to do, it is often a very good way of identifying the weaknesses in your business.  is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our objective is to identify on your first call with us exactly what is going on and attempt to identify what and when its gone wrong. Our priority is to make sure you understand what is involved in the process and what

bankruptcy-solicitorsteps are needed to make certain things happen that need to happen.  It may be that you are married or in a relationship where the family unit is at risk of losing the home or assets that would be uncomfortable to lose. The facts are that all sorts of people get into all sorts of financial complications and simply cant see the wood for the trees. It is not uncommon for people to feel totally depressed and not want to face the world because they simply cannot see what they can do to make a difference. They feel like giving up.

This is natural but if you are in that position or moving towards that position then we want to hear from you. Our experience in Business and financial survival is all about making mostly small adjustments that make a significant difference.

If we need to write or contact a particular creditor to release the pressure or get you more time then we will do this without delay.

If you have time then you can make more relaxed decisions and communicate effectively with the people around you that need it. You have to be able to adapt and work quickly to action what needs to be done.

Bankruptcy UK offers a full bankruptcy administration service, including dealing with creditors, completing the all important Income and Expenditure, professional completion of the relevant paperwork and bankruptcy help at all levels. Call us on 01425 600129 or 0800 5977 977 for a chat about your circumstances.



Help For Small Business Owners In Financial Trouble

bankruptcy-solicitorHelp For Small Business Owners In Financial Trouble

Our team at Bankruptcy.co.uk provides a free initial consultation and help for small business owners in financial trouble .

Being in business is always tough for small business owners. The ability to find the knowledge at the time you need it is crucial to the decision making process. We can all be wise looking backwards but the real skill is in making the right decisions moving forward. This is where it really counts and this is often the hardest point because you may have drifted away from certain key people because you wanted or have always been able to manage and juggle these situations. This is where you need assistance to stay on track or get back on track. Business owners facing these situations often become surrounded by people that they have engaged to provide services that are critical to the successful running of their business, only to find that these people aren’t who they had hoped they were.

Remember you are ultimately the one who all the responsibility is burdened to. You have to make decisions that are hard. You have to survive of you can and take back the control in order that you can drive the business to where it needs to go. Even if that means the business is beyond repair. But before you make this decision make sure that you haven’t overlooked some basic fundamentals.

Call us for a free confidential consultation to discover possible options.



Business owners suffering from information overload is the main reason for many corporate failures.

Loading themselves up with the wrong information and the wrong things.

A high percentage of business leaders develop a personal knowledge infrastructure only to discover this weakness once the business has failed and broken down. Being involved in most business’s means that you need to stay in the know by developing your personal knowledge indicator.

The 4 information traps that affect leadership are:

1) Checking The Morning News

2) Running Review Meetings

3) Finding Reasons To ask Questions

4) Wondering around checking to see how things are going

If you cant get the balance right you end up in an information bubble and create information bias and blind spots.

For information and help with trading or non trading business matters then call our help for small business owners helpline for a confidential informal chat to see if we can assist.



Barrister Bankruptcy Help

Barrister Bankruptcy Help

Help for barristers who are experiencing difficulty with a bankruptcy petition and dealing with HMRC. In many instances cash flow is sporadic and as such it is common for the professionals to get into trouble with their financial affairs.

If you are simply having difficulty in negotiating terms with HMRC then you may want to have a discussion with us to see if we can succeed in negotiating terms and time to pay with HMRC.

You may have received a Statutory demand but have positive pipeline business that you can show and demonstrate then this really shouldn’t be much of an issue to obtain an adjournment. We have delivered some very impressive results for Barristers and have delivered scenarios that have left them jaw dropped.

No matter how smart and good at the law you think you are, you aren’t infallible when it comes to HMRC and balancing your finances. You will receive a statutory demand if HMRC are unpaid. Even though you may be great and getting fees in and may well be able to contribute monthly repayments, getting HMRC to agree to your proposal is another matter. This is where we shine and our expertise becomes believable when you don’t think theres anything that can be done.

Call us to find out how we can help and assist you.


Gobbledygook and the Insolvency Service …

I received a letter from the Insolvency Service which seems to be written in some foreign language. What do you make of this? Does it mean I’m being discharged?

‘I refer to the bankruptcy order made against you on xxxxxx and write to inform you that i intend to apply to the Secretary of state for business, innovation and skills for my release as trustee. A summary of my receipts and payments as trustee is enclosed for your information. if you are not already discharged, my release as trustee will have no effect upon the date of your discharge from the bankruptcy’

Yes it does. This is Insolvency Service-ese for saying they have completed their investigations and are discharging you. Just why they don’t say it in everyday English is anyone’s guess. Mind you, speaking to them on the phone isn’t any better. The part which reads ‘if you are not already discharged ..’ is also quite perplexing – you would have thought they would have known one way or the other.

Bankruptcy UK offers a full bankruptcy administration service and will submit your bankruptcy application online. Court appearances are no longer required for bankruptcy. Call us for bankruptcy help on 01425 600129 or for an informal chat about your circumstances.

Lead Generation Business For Sale

Pensions Lead Generation and General Lead Generation Business For Sale

We have a lead generation business for sale consisting of a main website that is fully optimised 1st page on Google search terms such as: Pension Leads, Life Insurance Leads,Personal Injury Leads,bankruptcy leads,IFA Leads.

The main website that has generated the pensions leads is http://www.ukfrozenpensions.uk/ This is an active website with approximately 330 pension review enquiries including full client information who has requested a call back regarding a pensions review.
This opportunity is likely to suit a proficient lead generator who is looking to receive more enquiries from people wanting to buy leads.

Star Lead Main Site


Buy Pension Leads Website


Buy Private Medical Insurance Leads Website


Buy Bankruptcy Leads Website


Buy Personal Injury Leads Website


Buy IFA Leads Website


Buy Mis Sold Mortgage Leads


Buy Pension Leads Generator Website


For more information please call Sean on 01425 600129

Tax Bill and on Benefits

I closed my business down last year without declaring any earnings to HMRC. I had some money saved to pay an accountant once I sorted the paperwork out, but things have changed and I’m now on benefits. I have spent my savings and cant keep up with my Credit Card bills. If I were to file for bankruptcy, what would happen to the tax that I owe? do I still need to file my tax returns with an accountant? I can’t afford this.

First of all, has HMRC approached you for a payment? Do you actually owe anything? If you are not certain, call them and advise them of your change of circumstances. There are many people in the same situation and they have people who can help. If it turns out that there is a substantial payment due, you might consider bankruptcy or a Debt Relief Order (if the amount is below £15,000). A DRO is similar to a bankruptcy and is designed for vulnerable people on low or zero income. If a bankruptcy is unavoidable, you would need to pay the £525 Official Receiver’s fee, though you would be exempt from paying the £180 Court Fee. The good news is that you will be able to include any other unsecured debt in the DRO / Bankruptcy.

Scottish Bankruptcy

Bankruptcybankruptcy couts imagesScottish Bankruptcy

About 1,000 companies will go bust and 12,000 Scots will be made bankrupt in the coming year, a report has predicted.

Business advisers BDO said many companies had seen an economic improvement in the past year, but also warned that there were signs that the economy was stalling.

Cooling consumer demand, geopolitical and financial uncertainty and potential interest rate rises were cited as causes for concern.

Bryan Jackson, business restructuring partner with BDO, said: ‘For many companies and individuals there is the prospect of another year of standing still as profits remain flat and incomes are static. The slightest change in circumstances could have serious consequences. The number of businesses becoming insolvent could exceed 1,000′

“Many of these businesses may only be shell companies, but it is of concern that even six years after the start of the recession there are still so many firms going bust’ Mr Jackson went on to say that the number of Scots being made bankrupt had levelled off, following a steady reduction since the peak in 2009, when 23,541 were made bankrupt.

He added: ‘However, the third-quarter figure rose and there is every likelihood that personal insolvencies will remain around the 12,000 mark in the near future, which only in 2005 would have been a record figure in Scotland . There is concern that we may be celebrating a reduction in personal insolvency despite these numbers being very high in an historic context’

The report came as the Scottish government launched a campaign to help people struggling with debt to access advice services that are available.

The Lighten the Load campaign raises awareness of the Scottish Financial Health Service website, which provides links to bodies offering information and advice on debt, managing money, housing, homelessness and ethical lending. The campaign includes a new television advertisement themed around how everyday tasks become more difficult when people are burdened with debt.

The Scottish Financial Health Service website was created by the Accountant in Bankruptcy and was launched by Business Minister Fergus Ewing in December.

Mr Ewing said: ‘January can be a difficult time for families when the bills associated with the festive period start to come in, but it can also be a time when people turn their attention to their finances for the year ahead. This campaign is intended to encourage people to access the full range of financial advice services available to help them manage their money in the months ahead’




Bankruptcy UK

Bankruptcy UK