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Barrister Bankruptcy Help

Help for barristers who are experiencing difficulty with a bankruptcy petition and dealing with HMRC. In many instances cash flow is sporadic and as such it is common for the professionals to get into trouble with their financial affairs.

If you are simply having difficulty in negotiating terms with HMRC then you may want to have a discussion with us to see if we can succeed in negotiating terms and time to pay with HMRC.

You may have received a Statutory demand but have positive pipeline business that you can show and demonstrate then this really shouldn’t be much of an issue to obtain an adjournment. We have delivered some very impressive results for Barristers and have delivered scenarios that have left them jaw dropped.

No matter how smart and good at the law you think you are, you aren’t infallible when it comes to HMRC and balancing your finances. You will receive a statutory demand if HMRC are unpaid. Even though you may be great and getting fees in and may well be able to contribute monthly repayments, getting HMRC to agree to your proposal is another matter. This is where we shine and our expertise becomes believable when you don’t think theres anything that can be done.

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Bankruptcy UK-Debt Solution Bankruptcy Experts