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Council Tax Arrears Bankruptcy-Need Help? Call

Will I still have to pay Council Tax arrears if Bankrupt?

Council Tax arrears bankruptcy? Council tax arrears may generally be included in a bankruptcy, but there might be complications if a Liability Order has already been issued and an arrangement with Bailiffs has been made e.g. £150 x 6 payments.

Under these circumstances, you might be obliged to complete the arrangement despite having gone bankrupt and the Official Receiver might not intervene.

Its a fact that quite a high percentage of bankruptcy orders are granted from applications that are from local government in relation to council tax arrears bankruptcy.

People often don’t seem to realise that if they are a homeowner and they are about to be made bankrupt for a few thousand pounds worth of council tax then it is going to have a damaging and debt escalation to a level possibly never seen before that will appear unfair and will result in action to obtain an order of sale against the house

If you are a bankrupt homeowner because of a council tax debt then don’t delay ad simply call us today. If you have significant equity in your property and have been made bankrupt or are under threat of bankruptcy then you should get immediate help to save time and escalating costs.

It is therefore very important that you make an arrangement with your Council before they issue a Liability Order. A Liability Order is the seventh and final stage a Council will take to recover outstanding council tax. You would have had plenty of notice that trouble is coming and it can be avoided by simply offering a low, affordable amount.

Bankruptcy UK specialises in guiding people through the bankruptcy process in a no-nonsense, straightforward manner. We will assess your circumstances then submit the bankruptcy application online. call us for an informal chat about your circumstances on 01425 600129.

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