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Help with Bankruptcy

Help with Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is often seen and the fastest and simplest way out of debt for individuals and business owners who are in seemingly in either a difficult or impossible financial difficulties.

The facts are that not everyone chooses the right debt solution for their circumstances and subsequently there is a significantly high number of people who have entered a never ending debt solutions program that they are unlikely to ever complete.

29% of people who entered an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) would have been better served with bankruptcy. Either they were given the wrong advice or they didn’t look into the facts surrounding bankruptcy.


If you are looking for options then we can provide you with all the information you require to make an informed decision. More importantly our team is on hand 24 hours a day to provide you with a clear and concise review. So getting help with bankruptcy information is pretty important on the list of things to do.  As much as we would like to help everyone the reality is that people operate in vastly different way. Some people can deal with financial difficulties head on, and others find it a lot harder. the statistics are that only 1 in 6 people who need help actually look for help. The remainder suffer in silence which is sad as most people can be helped if only they could think to find it.


We provide a comprehensive bankruptcy help service and have in fact just launched our complimentary pre bankruptcy consultation. This provides an opportunity to speak with us today and get the information they need to process whether or not bankruptcy is a positive alternative.

Most of us just accept things the way they are. Most people don’t look back to see how they have ended up in the position they have ended up in. Or look to identify the reasons why. Its only by looking back at the past that we can really pinpoint significant things that have happened and identify the reasons for how you have ended up in the position you have ended up in.  The bankruptcy laws have changed a lot in the last 10 years and its easier to consider bankruptcy today with its reduced amount of time spent in bankruptcy, it is not advertised in the local press unless it is a public interest bankruptcy, and your name is removed from the insolvency register 3 months after your automatic discharge at the 12 month point.

We are here on hand to provide direction and information to help you get what you need. Although bankruptcy is usually the last place that people want to look for help, but it should really be the first.

We are  experts in business strategy and military precision in developing Small and Medium sized enterprises.

To speak to us now then call 01425 600129or request a call back.

Don’t take our word for it take a look at our testimonials and see for yourself

Self Employed IVA

Self Employed IVA

IVAs were created in 1986 specifically for small business owners with cash flow difficulties. The first year that IVA’s were introduced there were only 11 in total that were sold. Now there are around 250,000 people in England and Wales who have signed up to the IVA Arrangement.

A Self Employed Person who is considering an IVA as a debt solution must face true and sometimes challenging facts about the business they operate. You have to be honest about the position you are in and whether or not there is realistically an opportunity to trade your way out of debt with your business.

In order for Self Employes IVA’s to work the business owner will have to produce a business plan in order that creditors can see for themselves that the business has a good prospect of completing the arrangement.

Although it may be the last thing that you want to do, it is often a very good way of identifying the weaknesses in your business.  is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our objective is to identify on your first call with us exactly what is going on and attempt to identify what and when its gone wrong. Our priority is to make sure you understand what is involved in the process and what

bankruptcy-solicitorsteps are needed to make certain things happen that need to happen.  It may be that you are married or in a relationship where the family unit is at risk of losing the home or assets that would be uncomfortable to lose. The facts are that all sorts of people get into all sorts of financial complications and simply cant see the wood for the trees. It is not uncommon for people to feel totally depressed and not want to face the world because they simply cannot see what they can do to make a difference. They feel like giving up.

This is natural but if you are in that position or moving towards that position then we want to hear from you. Our experience in Business and financial survival is all about making mostly small adjustments that make a significant difference.

If we need to write or contact a particular creditor to release the pressure or get you more time then we will do this without delay.

If you have time then you can make more relaxed decisions and communicate effectively with the people around you that need it. You have to be able to adapt and work quickly to action what needs to be done.

Bankruptcy UK offers a full bankruptcy administration service, including dealing with creditors, completing the all important Income and Expenditure, professional completion of the relevant paperwork and bankruptcy help at all levels. Call us on 01425 600129 or 0800 5977 977 for a chat about your circumstances.



Bankruptcy Helpline

bankruptcy-solicitorBankruptcy Helpline

Our Team at bankruptcy.co.uk provides a bankruptcy helpline and consultation service for all people considering bankruptcy. Bankruptcy help providing crucial and critical information that assist in providing critical information as to whether or not a bankruptcy is the correct solution.

If you decide that bankruptcy is the insolvency solution that you are seeking then we can provide a full bankruptcy service along with the court booking for the bankruptcy hearing. The services provided are extended to Individuals with debt levels of at least £25,000.00 Sole Traders and Company Directors that are experiencing difficulties in either their financial or trading position.

We are able to get to the root of the problem or issue immediately. If we are able to provide you with assistance then we can if necessary start work on a case the same day. Providing we have received a signed 3rd party authority form and we have completed a short income and expenditure to see exactly what it is that is causing the problem.

The good news is that in a number of instances we receive calls from distressed people that have become aware of a shortfall on a property sale. Usually a repossession where the property has been sold and there isn’t enough money to pay the mortgage in full and subsequently its been sold and they will always come after the mortgagee in such instances. Especially for those people who took out interest only self certificated mortgages between 2004 and October 2008. We have had tremendous success in arranging Full & Final Settlement offers to these lenders who realise that there is not point in pursuing a bankruptcy against a person if they don’t have the money to pay. So where feasible we complete an income and expenditure and make an offer based on what is available for an immediate settlement.


This as you can imagine can be a total game changer because if you are able to make a creditor of this size go away then it is often the case that people can manage their other liabilities. So its certainly worth exploring this option.


Bankruptcy is often seen and the fastest and simplest way out of debt for individuals and business owners who are in seemingly in either a difficult or impossible financial difficulties.

The facts are that not everyone chooses the right debt solution for their circumstances and subsequently there is a significantly high number of people who have entered a never ending debt management program that they are unlikely to ever complete.

29% of people who entered an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) would have been better served with bankruptcy. Either they were given the wrong advice or they didn’t look into the facts surrounding bankruptcy.

If you are looking for options then we can provide you with all the information you require to make an informed decision. More importantly our team is on hand 24 hours a day to provide you with a clear and concise review.

We are proud to offer company directors and business owners who may have either lost direction or need to improve their business practices by identifying ways in which that can improve their structure by introducing them to TAM (Team Action Management) who are quite simply experts in business strategy and military precision in developing Small and Medium sized enterprises.

To speak to us now then call 01425 600129 or request a call back.

Don’t take our word for it take a look at our testimonials and see for yourself





Business Insolvency Advice

 Business Insolvency Advice

If your business or company is under financial pressure or heading in the wrong direction and you need solid business insolvency advice! Our team is available today to discuss a strategy with you.

We have the expertise  and skills to provide positive solutions to situations and problems that are beyond most peoples ordinary commercial thought process.

Generally Company Directors or Sole Traders will have to face a critical business situation where making the right decisions at the right time  will make the difference between the ability to continue or not. And if not, then its ultimately about a damage limitation process to minimise losses and retain certain opportunities needed to survive and move into the future. In order to achieve this you have to make the right or best decisions. Often when your back is against the wall and theres room for limited movement! Getting the right advice or information isn’t always easy.  We find that quite often people feel committed to the very people that have failed them so far.

80% of all businesses face failure within the first 2 years then it is apparent that at some point during the businesses lifespan you will encounter what appear to be unsurmountable problems. You will try your best to resolve the situation but it will be beyond your ordinary skill set.

At bankruptcy.co.uk we are committed to providing you with solutions that limit the financial damage and save you costs in the long run whilst empowering you with the skill and foresight to control and manage the immediate problem. This allows you to reposition yourself in a way that provides critical options  to keep going, or close the business down properly. Therefore providing you with valuable breathing space to reposition yourself as you move into the future.

Commercial and Personal Debt Help

Commercial and Personal Debt Help


We are Bankruptcy.co.uk who provide commercial and personal debt help. Pre Bankruptcy Consultation. This gives you the opportunity to discuss with a experienced debt solution specialist that can fully understand who you are and what it is that you have surrounding you that is causing the problem areas in your financial world.


Our team provides help and assistance with debt levels of £25k and above. Personal and commercial debt solution specialists that will provide you with an insight of options that are available to you. We appreciate that the majority of people leave it last minute and beyond before they look for help. Or they want help but don’t know how to look or find the help they need. This type of Commercial and Personal Debt Help is not available on the high street.

We provide telephone assistance or via Skype if preferred and will complete a fact find. This fact find enables us to see exactly where the problems are. You will be surprised that it is not as complicated as you may think and can often get a good idea by just asking under 10 questions. All conversations are followed up with a report once an income and expenditure has been completed. We are fully transparent with pricing and fees.

Our initial objective is to be able to stabilise you by providing you with information relating to your specific circumstances that will help and assist you in either coming to terms with what is going on presently, and more importantly where the actions being taken against you will lead.  Once you know this then you can start to position yourself. This in itself often makes clients feel much better as they know where they are going and what they need to do.

We offer a 3rd party intermediary service for people that are struggling to communicate with aggressive creditors, and or Trustees in Bankruptcy, or Supervisors of IV

For a free no obligation consultation then call us on 01425 600129


Help For Small Business Owners In Financial Trouble

bankruptcy-solicitorHelp For Small Business Owners In Financial Trouble

Our team at Bankruptcy.co.uk provides a free initial consultation and help for small business owners in financial trouble .

Being in business is always tough for small business owners. The ability to find the knowledge at the time you need it is crucial to the decision making process. We can all be wise looking backwards but the real skill is in making the right decisions moving forward. This is where it really counts and this is often the hardest point because you may have drifted away from certain key people because you wanted or have always been able to manage and juggle these situations. This is where you need assistance to stay on track or get back on track. Business owners facing these situations often become surrounded by people that they have engaged to provide services that are critical to the successful running of their business, only to find that these people aren’t who they had hoped they were.

Remember you are ultimately the one who all the responsibility is burdened to. You have to make decisions that are hard. You have to survive of you can and take back the control in order that you can drive the business to where it needs to go. Even if that means the business is beyond repair. But before you make this decision make sure that you haven’t overlooked some basic fundamentals.

Call us for a free confidential consultation to discover possible options.



Business owners suffering from information overload is the main reason for many corporate failures.

Loading themselves up with the wrong information and the wrong things.

A high percentage of business leaders develop a personal knowledge infrastructure only to discover this weakness once the business has failed and broken down. Being involved in most business’s means that you need to stay in the know by developing your personal knowledge indicator.

The 4 information traps that affect leadership are:

1) Checking The Morning News

2) Running Review Meetings

3) Finding Reasons To ask Questions

4) Wondering around checking to see how things are going

If you cant get the balance right you end up in an information bubble and create information bias and blind spots.

For information and help with trading or non trading business matters then call our help for small business owners helpline for a confidential informal chat to see if we can assist.



Barrister Bankruptcy Help

Barrister Bankruptcy Help

Help for barristers who are experiencing difficulty with a bankruptcy petition and dealing with HMRC. In many instances cash flow is sporadic and as such it is common for the professionals to get into trouble with their financial affairs.

If you are simply having difficulty in negotiating terms with HMRC then you may want to have a discussion with us to see if we can succeed in negotiating terms and time to pay with HMRC.

You may have received a Statutory demand but have positive pipeline business that you can show and demonstrate then this really shouldn’t be much of an issue to obtain an adjournment. We have delivered some very impressive results for Barristers and have delivered scenarios that have left them jaw dropped.

No matter how smart and good at the law you think you are, you aren’t infallible when it comes to HMRC and balancing your finances. You will receive a statutory demand if HMRC are unpaid. Even though you may be great and getting fees in and may well be able to contribute monthly repayments, getting HMRC to agree to your proposal is another matter. This is where we shine and our expertise becomes believable when you don’t think theres anything that can be done.

Call us to find out how we can help and assist you.


Pre Bankruptcy Consultation

For those considering entering bankruptcy, whether from a failed voluntary arrangement, debt management plan, or simply accepting that a debt situation is unrecoverable then we offer a Pre Bankruptcy Consultation in order that you can speak with an expert who will help you to fully understand the process and who can provide you with information that allows you to fully understand the process you are considering entering.

It is important that people know what they are doing. We see many instances where people end up in very awkward situations mainly because they have never really understood what is happening and what the consequences of the process entail.

Its no different to if you were going on a trip where you need a guide that can show you the way and make sure that the process is as easy for you as possible. Our Pre and Post Bankruptcy consultation allows you to get answers to the very important questions you will undoubtably have.

Depending on whether or not you actually have any realisable assets left at the time you enter bankruptcy or whether you have tasks to complete pre entering the bankruptcy process. We can assist in prioritising what needs to be done and experience tells us that a client who knows what they have to do and is focussed on completing outstanding tasks are the clients that we can help. Our UK office is located in Bournemouth and for any clients that feel they need a face to face consultation then we can offer a face to face consultation at our offices.

We are easy to contact. Either call us directly or request a call back request.


Bankruptcy Advantages And Disadvantages

bankruptcy-solicitorBankruptcy Advantages And Disadvantages

Bankruptcy Advantages and Disadvantages – Bankruptcy represents a ‘Fresh Start’. The ability to clear all unmanageable debt, ( There are certain exceptions that cannot be included , such as maintenance and court fines, and Student Loans. You can apply to Experians Credit Expert which will assist in identifying what your credit score is and what you will need to do to increase it). You can run your own business as a Sole Trader. You are only bankrupt in the UK. You are automatically discharged from bankruptcy in 12 months. Your name is removed from the Insolvency Register 3 months later. Bankruptcy is often seen as the fastest way out of debt. It eliminates debt immediately, unlike other debt solutions such as IVAs and Debt Management Plans which can drag on for years.

The first question you should ask yourself is:

What have you got to lose? – If considering bankruptcy you will soon realise that during the process of you considering bankruptcy there will be questions about bankruptcy that you will be asking yourself, and anyone else who is likely to be affected by your decision to go bankrupt.

Are you a home owner- If there is equity in the property then in Bankruptcy a Trustee will have 3 years from the date of your bankruptcy to acquire the equity either by a forced sale. Or if the property is in joint names and only one of the owners is entering bankruptcy then a 3rd party can purchase what is known as acquiring the beneficial interest in the property from the Official Receiver or Trustee.

PPI: Most people don’t particularly value PPI repayments until they are staggered by the amounts of money they receive. If you are 40+ and have run into difficulties with debt but in your past you repaid loans, credit cards and finance agreements then it really is a must to look into PPI. You don’t actually have to do a lot to get the information needed. Most Experian Credit checks will provide a financial foot print of everywhere you have been. A good claims handler can take it from there. You could be entitled to monies that are greater than what you owe.

Do you own items that have a significant value that you can afford to lose,  such as vehicles, valuable items of jewellery, antiques, collectables, or excessive tools of trade if you are self employed?

Are you in an occupation that would be effected if you are bankrupt? Independant Financial Advisors, anyone with a consumer credit license or ministry of justice license, MP’s, Estate Agents,Book Makers, Some positions in the Forces can be affected and permission from senior management or a commanding officer may be required.

If you are in in your mind that you can navigate your way through the above then its fair to say that  bankruptcy could be a good option for you.

The Disadvantages of bankruptcy

The disadvantages of bankruptcy are quite simply that you will have to make adjustments and considerations in ways that you have not exercised before.

People are different and the disadvantages are generally those p[people who are afraid of change. People that are afraid of the process and who don’t understand what has happened. coming to terms with the change of financial freedoms that you may have enjoyed previously but actually couldn’t afford. So for whatever the reasons are you have spent considerably more money on farming or cultivating survival and lifestyle. If you have a family around you then this can be very difficult because the access to the money you once had will be closed and you will have to find an alternative way of making money or surviving whatever your choice is.

Under the spirit of the act bankruptcy is a ‘Fresh Start’. Disadvantages only really occur when you stop trying, or enter a confused and helpless state of mind. Be strong… Nothing in life is easy!

Therefore it makes sense that facing bankruptcy is a test of your resolve. Working together if you are in a dependant relationship can be difficult, but critical if you are to survive the adjustments that you will need to be making.

It is important that you have everything that you need when you enter bankruptcy, then it is actually quite straight forward.  The most important thing to have is the knowledge of what you can and cant do. Once you understand this then you can operate quite safely within the framework.

if you in a position where you are one of those people that finds it incredibly difficult to face the facts that you are responsible for the position that you have ended up in. even if it is the fault of a 3rd party who has failed to carry out a duty for you, then this  will be a disadvantage, because you need to accept responsibility for the position you have ended up in, and find ways of resolving the mistakes and take a focussed and planned route for your business and financial aspect of your life for the future.


So the disadvantages of bankruptcy are really getting your head around whats happening and making good solid decisions as to how you are going to navigate yourself from now onwards.


Can I still claim PPI if I go bankrupt?

No you can’t, as PPI taken on loans prior to the bankruptcy is classified as a ‘Bankruptcy Asset’ and forms part of the ‘Bankruptcy Estate’. The bank in question would therefore be obliged to make out any refund cheques to ‘The Trustee of xxxxxx’ and the recipient would forward the cheque to the Official Receiver or Trustee.

Having said that, we know of only one bank that actually makes out cheques in this manner – Barclays – and the rest of them merrily make out cheques to the individuals concerned. Unless the individual surrenders the payment, the OR (and the bank) will be blissfully unaware of what has transpired and we know of plenty of people who have claimed this way. Not that we approve of it, mind you.

‘Can I still claim PPI if I go bankrupt?’ is just one of the hundreds of questions we answer every year.  Feel free to call us with any questions or for bankruptcy help on 01425 600129. Most of our staff are from the financial services sector and have the experience to get you best result every time.



Bankruptcy UK

Bankruptcy UK