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Lead Generation Business For Sale

Pensions Lead Generation and General Lead Generation Business For Sale

We have a lead generation business for sale consisting of a main website that is fully optimised 1st page on Google search terms such as: Pension Leads, Life Insurance Leads,Personal Injury Leads,bankruptcy leads,IFA Leads.

The main website that has generated the pensions leads is http://www.ukfrozenpensions.uk/ This is an active website with approximately 330 pension review enquiries including full client information who has requested a call back regarding a pensions review.
This opportunity is likely to suit a proficient lead generator who is looking to receive more enquiries from people wanting to buy leads.

Star Lead Main Site


Buy Pension Leads Website


Buy Private Medical Insurance Leads Website


Buy Bankruptcy Leads Website


Buy Personal Injury Leads Website


Buy IFA Leads Website


Buy Mis Sold Mortgage Leads


Buy Pension Leads Generator Website


For more information please call Sean on 01425 600129

The Team of Business Debt Management helps small businesses through all manner of financial difficulties….

Business Debt Management takes the time to evaluate the financial situation of every struggling business in detail which seeks their help. Their major aim is to find a positive solution to the companies’ debt problems. Therefore, their turnaround-team works closely together side by side with company directors, providing the needed support all the way through the process, and showing a deep understanding for the difficult situation.

Business Debt Management provides free confidential assessment of your business. Please call them on 0845 4633328 or request a call back. For more information please visit http://www.business-debt-management.co.uk.

sean@bankruptcy.co.uk 07812 917002

Expert Business Consultant Available To Speak to Today

Great News! Our business turn around and recovery division is stronger than ever with the client service that we can offer directors looking to establish a clear route through difficult decisions that may need to be made.

These difficult times hit us at times where we could really do without it.  We are able to offer a telephone consultancy or face to face visit at short notice for directors who need to make urgent decisions about their business options. We have experience of dealing with business recovery issues at all levels, including PLCs.

Ordinarily company directors stick with the accountants and solicitors who were appointed when the business was solvent and ‘doing well’, but these professionals are not always appropriate when it comes to business survival.

If you have a business that is about to hit the rocks, then call us and let’s see if we can change the outcome.

You can call our 24 hr helpline 0800 597 7977 or speak to Sean direct on 07812 917002

Is Bankruptcy Right For Me | Free Bankruptcy Help | Free Bankruptcy Review

Free Debt Help Support Network. Get a Financial Review today to establish your best option.
Reduced Bankruptcy Fees, Means Tested. Call Sean 01425 600129. 24Hr nationwide support service.

Is Bankruptcy Right For Me  Free Bankruptcy Help  Free Bankruptcy Review

The first question we need to look at is: Is Bankruptcy Right For Me? What have I got to lose if I am made bankrupt, or decide to enter bankruptcy voluntarily. Opinions on bankruptcy vary worldwide. Ultimately we are here to decide what is right for your circumstances relating to UK debt.

It is often the case that complicated scenarios exist where it is a fine balance on what the right moves are for your circumstances.

It could be that you are a homeowner or own a property jointly with someone who is insolvent or facing bankruptcy or it could be the other way around.

It could be that you are self employed and its down to late payers or cashflow that is pushing your head under the water and you need time to get certain monies in and resolve the situation. Therefore is bankruptcy right for me can only be determined by knowing the facts and home truths as to how you have arrived where you have. In which case we provide specialist negotiations where we say what you cant or are unable to say to get a fair and just result between the parties.

Circumstances such as accident, illness or the sudden shock of a terminal illness will mean that some kind of action needs to occur in order to relieve a mental pressure.

It could be that theres a relationship breakdown and all of a sudden the household income has been effected and you are over exposed.

There are considerable other reasons to but this is just a few of the general reasons as to how people end up facing or considering personal bankruptcy.

Here at bankruptcy.co.uk your circumstances and how you have ended up in the position that you are in are very important to us. We need to understand the hows and why’s and our many years of experience in helping people like you allow us to ask the right questions in order to identify with you and discuss a strategy and various solutions that will help you move on and away from the current predicament.


invictusgroup@icloud.com 07479739139


Business Bankruptcy | How We Can Help

Business Bankruptcy | How We Can Help


If you are a director or sole trader  who is finding it difficult to get the information you need to apply for bankruptcy then call 08005977977 for a consultation

All your questions will be answered and you will see a clear route ahead.

Our lines are open and manned by experienced consultants who can assist with most questions and circumstances.

We just need to get an accurate back drop of the situation in order that we can discuss prioritization and get you to where you need to get to quickly and effectively.

sean@bankruptcy.co.uk 07894 481175


Custom web hosting and email packages available from £10 per month

Custom web hosting and email packages available from £10 per month. We provide dedicated support as well as SEO and Web Development services. From redesigning an existing site, Word Press Conversions which include every type of functionality on your wish list.

From simple design and SEO solutions to full on digital development on either an owned and self managed basis or through our Lead Generation Website Rental.

Whatever your budget we can provide a solution. No matter how complex your project is we have a Super Tech who can fault find and apply remedial servicing to most sites.

sean@bankruptcy.co.uk 07812 917002




Bankruptcy UK

Bankruptcy UK